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​Energy-Efficient Basement Dehumidifiers

An added benefit to a SaniDry dehumifier is the savings it provides on conditioning the air in your home.  Dry air is less expensive to heat and faster to cool than humid air because there's less water to heat and cool in the air.  Additionally, a full 30% of an air conditioner's workload is to remove humidity,  If you start with dry air, you can save on all your heating and cooling costs!

The SaniDry is equipped with a high-capacity, high-efficiency system, that can remove as much as 100 pints of water per day

out of your basement air.

A powerful motor moves the conditioned, dry air around your room to dry the building materials and personal items in the remodeled basement.

The SaniDry Basement Air system does more than just dehumidify.  When it pulls air out of the remodeled basement air, it filters particles from the air as small as two microns - smaller than any mold spore or dust mite dropping.  Now you have a second line of defense against mold!

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Aside from making a less comfortable environment, humidity creates many problems in your home.  Peeling wallpaper, warped wood, rusting tools, blistered paint, and moisture dripping from pipes are all signs of excessive humidity.  The worst humidity problem by far?  Mold.  Once mold finds a way to grow in your basement, it will continue to grow and spread until you take action against it.  Mold is ugly, smelly, and can be hazardous to your health.  

The only machine that is going to get the results you need for your basement dehumidification is the SaniDry Basement Air